My next visit. …..

Next week I will be sort of temporary unemployment. So I have plenty of time to visit some of the places that I’ve never been before. Beach is one of my favorite places. So I am thinking of visiting some of the places here…


1.   Pulau Rawa

Pulau Rawa

2.  Pulau Tioman

Tioman beach

3.    Pasir Panjang

4. Sipadan

Kapalai resort near Sipadan

5.   Pulau Perhentian

Pulau Perhentian


stunning view from Nikoi island resort  

6.   Gili Trawangan

Gili Trawangan

7.   Manado

Bunakken island, Manado



9.   Huahin

Hua hin

10.   Koh Tao

Koh Tao


Blog & Twitter

10 Tips For Successful Blog Promotion On Twitter


1. Start by following people who interest you.

Don’t just follow anyone and everyone. Quality is better than quantity!

2. Say things that are worth reading.

Saying things that are worth reading applies to Twitter as well as your blog. If you’re just rewriting other people’s comments or not sharing your own opinions, why will people read your blog or follow you on Twitter?

3. Look for when people are online.

Posting on Twitter will be a lonely experience if there’s nobody to interact with. If you know there are people online who might be interested in what you have to say, try posting and see what happens. This may help you choose a time of day to publish a new post on your blog.

4. Reply to people with relevant links.

A blanket link to your blog is easy to do, but not very likely to get clicks unless people want to find a blog exactly like yours. Try linking to specific posts when it’s appropriate to share them – for instance, the topic just came up in conversation. This is an extremely effective way to get people actually reading your posts.

5. Have a personality.

This isn’t just about saying things that are worth reading. If all you do is post links, people who view your profile will see nothing but links, and probably won’t follow you. Having a personality means talking, not just promoting.

6. Be wary of auto-posting.

7. Don’t be too persistent.

PLEASE check out my blog, nobody’s looked at it today, or ever… Maybe there’s a reason for that.Don’t guilt people into viewing your blog. Also, don’t keep posting the same link over and over again.

8. Don’t tweet constantly.

Take the time to read what others are saying. If you flood the screen with your own comments and nobody else can get a word in, the conversation may start to move elsewhere.

9. Follow your commenter’s on Twitter.

This can make the difference between a one-time visitor and a repeat visitor. There’s much more to promotion than the result of good promotion – visitors, subscribers, comments – it’s vital to establish an ongoing communication channel with your readers. Don’t ignore them.

10. Persevere.

Promotion takes time. We have to keep doing it, and you have to be really patient. It can be tough at times, but if we have something to say that people want to hear, we’ll get there in the end.

How To Write A Successful Blog:

Top Ten Tips

1) Stay on topic

Opinions are generally accepted but the content of the items in the blog should all relate to a general theme. Define a topic and stick to it. This will ensure that you create a loyal following of interested readers.

2) Be informative

If you are attempting to create the impression that you are knowledgeable about a specific industry or sector, be sure that you stay current on news. If you are offering an opinion, be sure to qualify your post, making it clear that the content is intended as an editorial.

3) Old news is not news

While blogging every day can be a drain, it is important that the information presented is current and accurate. Writing an article or blurb about something that happened 6 months ago, will not be of interest to many.

4) Adhere to a schedule

Create a schedule and stick to it. Realizing that blogging requires time and effort, don’t create unrealistic expectations and be unable to deliver. If you have worked hard to develop an audience and a community you don’t want to lose them due to lack of communication.

5) Clarity and simplicity

Keep your posts and blog entries clear and easy to understand. Remember, the web is global and expressions, idioms and acronyms don’t always translate. Sometimes a little explanation goes a long way.

6) Keyword-rich

If the goal of your blog is to increase your visibility, include related keywords in the title of the blog. Use the title as a headline to attract interest. Each item post should have a title that will attract attention but still be relevant to the post.

7) Quantity matters

In order to attract the attention of search engines, you will need to develop content and substance. A headline or simple sentence is not going to generate the interest of readers or help with search engine ranking. Be sure to archive old blog posts to develop a large portal of similarly-themed content.

8) Frequency

If your blog content is updated frequently, search engines will tend to spider the pages at regular intervals.

9) Spell checking and proof-reading

It only takes a few extra moments and can save you from having to make embarrassing explanations. Remember that whatever you publish on the Internet can be found and archived. Think carefully about what you post before doing so.

10) RSS

RSS will increase your blog’s reach. It is important that you include your blog’s content in an RSS feed to increase readership and distribution. Most weblog audiences are small, but with time and regular updates audiences grow. Bloggers may never have more than a few hundred readers, but the people who return to regularly are generally interested in what you have to say.

Another good tips from the expert

This is another real good tips….The more the merrier

1. Work on increasing Traffic

To make your blog a successful blog you must get huge traffic. Websites get traffic from

2. Work on SEO

You may use various SEO plugins to optimize your blog so that your blog must come in top of search engine results. But before using those plugins, collect information about how to use them. If you can spend money to bring your blog on top of search engine results then you may take services from SEO firms who will work on your keywords.

3. Post new information

If your blog will contain old content then you will get less visitors. If you will publish new articles at regular interval of time then your visitors will find new content to read and you will get more traffic.

4. Use premium theme

After using Genesis theme, I noticed a great increase in visitors count on my blog. Because search engine love uniqueness in your blog and if you will use premium theme then you are above those thousands of bloggers who are using common free themes. You may opt following premium themes

5. Promote your blog

For promoting your blog you can
  • Do advertisement of your blog using Adwords
  • Send requests to your friends
  • Use twitter
  • Use Facebook

And Never Give Up…..Lets get the spirit from this astronaut and give two thumbs to ourselves….

Above all, the only thing WE need is patience……..

Characteristics of A Succesful Blogger

1. A successful blogger knows what he wants 

He always has a target and a strategy. He likes to be organized and has solutions for “unexpected situations“.

2. A successful blogger knows what he’s doing

He is well informed and likes to read a lot about many things, not only about niche related stuff. He has a good background and solid experience in his field.

3. A successful blogger knows how to do it

He knows that “quality is not an act, it’s a habit” (Aristotle). He takes time writing and rewriting if necessary, until he achieves the best result. Also, he knows that being consistent is his strength.

4. A successful blogger is a good friend

He doesn’t see other people in his niche as competitors; he sees them as a fresh source of knowledge and experience exchange. He will always link to them whenever they write something great, as he knows that a link is a sign of appreciation.

5. A successful blogger is a good communicator

Whether it’s his writing style or his commenting activity, he’s always there when the discussion gets interesting. He’s not ashamed to ask and always glad to share some advice.

6. A successful blogger has a personality

He knows that in order to make yourself heard, you need to have a unique tone. Copy-paste is not his style, even if things have already been said. He’ll always look for that something that nobody thought about. He’ll always look to develop the topic under his signature.

7. A successful blogger is always ready for change

He knows we live dynamic times that require a dynamic mind and personality. He’s not only ready to adapt, but also he likes to keep an eye on future developments in his niche, and not only.

8. A successful blogger knows his value

He has a good sense of self-analysis. He’ll never sell himself short, and also, never truly overrate. Knowing you value means knowing your flaws. Knowing your flaws means knowing what to improve.

9. A successful blogger wants to be better

He never thinks about becoming successful. He constantly tries to improve, as, the better the quality he will provide, the more appreciated he’ll be. He’s constantly climbing a mountain without a visible top. He know how much he has climbed, knows he can go further and simply presses on. And last, but not necessarily least…

10. A successful blogger is a healthy blogger

He knows that in order to keep a sharp mind, a healthy body is required. He values his sleep hours, his meals and he has a good working schedule.

Tips For New Bloggers Like Myself….

Starting a blog can be very exciting. It is one of the simplest ways to share our thoughts with the rest. To successfully position our blog, these are some of the recommended tips from the experts:

Set Our Goals

When we start a new blog, it’s essential that we set our clear goals. It could be our short and long term goals. It is also highly depend on the reason why we’re starting our blog.Then design, write and market our blog to meet those goals.

We Must Know Our Target Audience

Our blog’s design and content should reflect the expectations of our audience. Don’t
confuse them but rather meet and exceed those expectations to gain reader loyalty.

Must Be Consistent

Our blog is a brand. Our blog’s design and content should consistently communicate our blog’s overall brand image and message. Being consistent allows us to meet our audience’s expectations and create a secure place for them to visit again and again.

Must Be Persistent

A busy blog is a useful blog. Blogs that are not updated frequently are perceived by their audiences as static web pages. The usefulness of blogs comes from their timeliness. Make sure that we spent our time sufficiently for our blog.

Must Be Inviting

It’s essential that our blog welcomes readers and invites them to join a two-way conversation. Our blog’s success is partially dependent on our readers’ loyalties to it. Make sure they understand how much we appreciate them by involving them and recognizing them through meaningful two-way conversation.

Must Be Seem Visible

Much of our blog’s success relies on your efforts outside ourr blog. Developing a successful blog requires hard work by creating compelling content on our blog as well as working outside of your blog to promote it and develop a community around it.

Willing To Take Risks

Don’t be afraid to take risks and try new things on our blog. Instead, review each potential enhancement in terms of how it will help us reach our goals for our blog and how our audience will respond to it.

Do Not Scare to Ask

Remember, the success of the blogosphere relies on networking, and most bloggers are always willing to expand their networks regardless of whether you’re a beginner blogger or seasoned pro.

Keep Learning

It seems like everyday there are new tools available to bloggers. The Internet changes quickly, and the blogosphere is not an exception to that rule. As you develop your blog, take the time to research new tools and features, and keep an eye on the latest news from the blogosphere.

Must Be Ourself

Bear in mind that our blog is an extension of us and our brand, and our loyal readers will keep coming back to hear what we have to say. Inject our personality into our blog and adapt a consistent tone for our posts.