Millionare In Making

Its Saturday and I am supposed to finish off another book by today….hmmmm tak sure can do or not coz so malas today…but ok what tak baca buku pun almost recent articles related to investment dah baca…so not bad lah…

But sometimes jadi so addicted to know more and more and tangan ni tak henti-henti click blog-blog to see what they have for me… wo…macam-macam ada. The only things I don’t have plenty of time to mengadap computer ni. So pick and choose whichever the current and the highlight which really make me I’ve never known this…

Investment subject matter is so close to me. Is just that I am not so active on that previously…tapi tak apa coz my new year resolution to be new millionaire (so called i am now millionaire in making)….So whoever yang mempunyai resolution yang sama this year…lets do it together…


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