Characteristics of A Succesful Blogger

1. A successful blogger knows what he wants 

He always has a target and a strategy. He likes to be organized and has solutions for “unexpected situations“.

2. A successful blogger knows what he’s doing

He is well informed and likes to read a lot about many things, not only about niche related stuff. He has a good background and solid experience in his field.

3. A successful blogger knows how to do it

He knows that “quality is not an act, it’s a habit” (Aristotle). He takes time writing and rewriting if necessary, until he achieves the best result. Also, he knows that being consistent is his strength.

4. A successful blogger is a good friend

He doesn’t see other people in his niche as competitors; he sees them as a fresh source of knowledge and experience exchange. He will always link to them whenever they write something great, as he knows that a link is a sign of appreciation.

5. A successful blogger is a good communicator

Whether it’s his writing style or his commenting activity, he’s always there when the discussion gets interesting. He’s not ashamed to ask and always glad to share some advice.

6. A successful blogger has a personality

He knows that in order to make yourself heard, you need to have a unique tone. Copy-paste is not his style, even if things have already been said. He’ll always look for that something that nobody thought about. He’ll always look to develop the topic under his signature.

7. A successful blogger is always ready for change

He knows we live dynamic times that require a dynamic mind and personality. He’s not only ready to adapt, but also he likes to keep an eye on future developments in his niche, and not only.

8. A successful blogger knows his value

He has a good sense of self-analysis. He’ll never sell himself short, and also, never truly overrate. Knowing you value means knowing your flaws. Knowing your flaws means knowing what to improve.

9. A successful blogger wants to be better

He never thinks about becoming successful. He constantly tries to improve, as, the better the quality he will provide, the more appreciated he’ll be. He’s constantly climbing a mountain without a visible top. He know how much he has climbed, knows he can go further and simply presses on. And last, but not necessarily least…

10. A successful blogger is a healthy blogger

He knows that in order to keep a sharp mind, a healthy body is required. He values his sleep hours, his meals and he has a good working schedule.


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