Another good tips from the expert

This is another real good tips….The more the merrier

1. Work on increasing Traffic

To make your blog a successful blog you must get huge traffic. Websites get traffic from

2. Work on SEO

You may use various SEO plugins to optimize your blog so that your blog must come in top of search engine results. But before using those plugins, collect information about how to use them. If you can spend money to bring your blog on top of search engine results then you may take services from SEO firms who will work on your keywords.

3. Post new information

If your blog will contain old content then you will get less visitors. If you will publish new articles at regular interval of time then your visitors will find new content to read and you will get more traffic.

4. Use premium theme

After using Genesis theme, I noticed a great increase in visitors count on my blog. Because search engine love uniqueness in your blog and if you will use premium theme then you are above those thousands of bloggers who are using common free themes. You may opt following premium themes

5. Promote your blog

For promoting your blog you can
  • Do advertisement of your blog using Adwords
  • Send requests to your friends
  • Use twitter
  • Use Facebook

And Never Give Up…..Lets get the spirit from this astronaut and give two thumbs to ourselves….

Above all, the only thing WE need is patience……..


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